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XTREME washing machine

Investing in quality and durable washing machines has become a necessity for every Filipino household. Over the years, this useful device has made a huge impact in people’s lives, saving them more time and energy that can be spent on other tasks and priorities. Each year we have seen exciting innovations and features incorporated into our washing machines, making it easy for people to adapt to changing lifestyle and developing preferences.

XTREME Appliances, the country’s leading one-stop home appliance brand, consistently delivers high quality products at a very affordable price. Recently, the brand launched new additions to its washing machine line in its XTREME Cool category – the dual tub washing machine and fully automatic top loading washing machines. In keeping with its mission to bring top quality home and business appliances to the Philippine market, XTREME Appliances takes into account all the needs, wants and preferences of Filipinos. In addition to providing innovation, the brand sees market relevance and affordability as important factors in their product pipelines.

With the introduction of these new products – XTREME Cool Twin Tub washing machines and XTREME Cool Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines – the brand aims to reach more Filipino households, especially people who want to improve their lifestyle but are budget conscious.

Wash and dry at the same time with XTREME Cool Twin Tub washing machines

With the XTREME COOL Dual Tub Washing Machine, you can now handle your laundry faster with its 2-in-1 water inlet feature that lets you wash and dry your clothes. One of its best features is the Air flow spinner which helps to improve its drying effect.

Meanwhile, to address the problem of soap scum and lint, the XTREME Cool Twin Tub washing machine is reinforced with a Outlet filter-tub which makes sure to reduce the amount of residue left behind your laundry. In fact, it prevents lint from catching on clothes during the washing process.

XTREME Cool Twin Tub washing machines are available in three wash capacities – XWMTT-0006 Capacity 6kg (P8,495), XWMTT-0008 8 kg capacity (P10,495), and XWMTT-0010 10 kg capacity (P11 495).

Save up to 40% of your time with fully automatic XTREME Cool Top Load washing machines

One of the reasons most Filipinos choose to buy top loading washing machines is their high efficiency, but they still cost less than front loading units. The XTREME Cool Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines, which are available in 7 kg capacity and 8 kg capacity, have been launched on the market. With his Quick cleaning system, you can save up to 40% of your time by increasing the washing rhythm while maintaining the same washing performance.

This top loading washing machine comes with a I clean function which allows the tank cleaning to be carried out automatically after the last rinsing process. It also has a Magic filter – a mesh bag which eliminates impurities and avoids possible secondary pollution caused by the backward flow of dirt. On the other hand, it is not necessary to reset a wash cycle in the event of a sudden power cut, thanks to the Power-off memory characteristic.

XTREME Cool Top Load fully automatic washing machines are available in two washing capacities – XWMTL-0007W 7 kg capacity (P13 495) and XWMTL-0008W 8 kg capacity (P15 495).

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