University of the Cumberlands Department builds house for local family

Source: University of the Cumberlands

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WTVQ / UC Public Relations) – When just going downstairs to do your family’s laundry poses a safety hazard, it’s time for a change.

In this case, it’s not just a change – it’s a whole new home.

Thanks to the Lord’s provision and donor funding, Mountain Outreach (MO), a service-based ministry hosted by the University of the Cumberlands, was able to provide a brand new home for Tyler and Amber Hall and their three young children. . The family moved in on September 15e and is delighted to be living in the new space.

“I could probably cry about it. God is so good, ”Amber said. “I wish I could personally thank everyone who made this possible. The Lord sees you. We are really, really grateful. Stuff like that is important. All good things come from the Lord. I really believe God sees Mountain Outreach, the donors who funded this house building, my family, everything. God sees it.

Renting a house was the only option financially possible for the Halls before. But with leasing came a few difficult factors.

For one thing, Amber knew deep down that a landlord can decide to ask her tenants to leave at any time, and tenants can’t control that. In addition, when there is a lack of ownership, there is a lack of control; a tenant cannot take ownership of a house as fully as they want, because the property does not belong to them. Having a neighbor’s things in her basement, and the neighbor stopping every now and then to remove a thing or two, didn’t help Amber feel at home either. Also, the stairs to the basement – where the washing machines were located – was extremely steep, causing Amber to be concerned for her safety, especially when she was pregnant.

Source: University of the Cumberlands

Now the Halls no longer have to worry about these issues. They have their own home which has been built with high standards and good materials to keep the family safe and keep costs down over the years.

During construction, MO also had the family decide on several elements of the house, such as the flooring, siding and roofing. Amber appreciated this. Even before the house was finished, it already looked like theirs.

Tyler’s mother had heard about the annual Mountain Outreach house construction and prompted Tyler and Amber to apply. At first, both were hesitant. They were working to build their credit, but they thought it would take years before it was high enough for a bank to allow them to pay a mortgage. Still, they picked up an app at their church. That same night at church, there was an awakening. The pastor spoke of challenging God, not in a combative sense, but in the sense of handing over your biggest dreams to God and watching him work. The Hall family took the sermon to heart. If they trusted God enough to entrust their smallest dreams to Him, they said to themselves, why not their biggest? They filled out the MO request.

Soon, MO manager Rocky Brown called Amber, and the family filled out additional paperwork and went through an interview process. Tyler’s parents knelt down to pray regularly with the family, that they would be chosen to receive the house. Early one morning, Rocky called and started giving Amber all kinds of information about building the house. “I just want you to know,” he said, “that you are family.”

“We just knew it was going to happen,” Amber said. “Sometimes it was difficult to have faith, but we continued to believe and put our trust in the Lord.”

Moving into the new home was a “wow” moment for the family. The MO staff were excited for them, handing the keys over to Tyler with big smiles on their faces. The family could have continued to live in their rented home, dealing with the hardships as they go, and staying positive, but they are deeply grateful to have a brand new home of their own now, thanks to Mountain Outreach.

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