New Arcade Paradise demo turns it into a game


When your dad runs off on vacation and leaves you in charge of his old laundromat, what else would you do but turn the thing into a booming arcade? Of course, Ashley’s dad just expects her to clean and do the laundry, but she has “half a business degree” so she has. ideas. Arcade Paradise just released a demo for you to have a try so you can pick up the trash and flush the toilet or cut down on the work day by playing on the arcade cabinets in the back room.

For Ashley, everything is a game. Throwing garbage bags into the dumpster is a game. Pulling the gum out of the seats is a game. The same goes for “beating” a clogged toilet. There are also the real arcade games. Oh, and his PDA has an infinite runner called Llama on it. Say whatever you want on the arcades, but it’s the PDA that really brings me back. Check out a bit of it all here in the new Arcade Paradise trailer.

It all starts with Ashley’s dad, Gerald, who’s gone to the Riviera (and yes, voiced by your guy Doug Cockle), leaving a voiemail talk about the virtues of hard work. Naturally, he expects her to make money doing laundry, flushing the toilet and taking out the trash. She gets an instant messaging tip on the personal computer, although the arcades also make money. More than a little money. That’s when Ashley begins to think it’s time to turn the tide.

Keeping the laundry’s reputation up to date by doing housework is part of what you’ll need to do with your limited time every day. However, between wash cycles you can squeeze in to play a few tricks on the machines yourself. These are good old classics revisited, like the one from Pac Man, except you’re in a high-speed car chase through the city dodging police cars. There are 35 in total to buy and try, according to the developers at Nosebleed Interactive, “inspired by 3 decades of gaming, from early vector games to the 32-bit era.”

You can also play some of these games, like Streets Of Rage-alike, in split-screen co-op or via Steam’s Remote Play Together.

I might be an absolute junk in most arcade games, but I certainly feel the allure of renovating the laundry room with stylish lights, a new carpet, and all the machines I love. I didn’t get that far in the demo, but you can see some of the eventual arcade glory in the new trailer up there.

I just spotted a machine that looks like DDR in there too. This also really brings me back.

Arcade Paradise now plans to launch in Spring 2022 on Steam. You can access the demo until Friday October 15th.

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