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The old Rite Aid building will be transformed into a mixed-use project with ten apartments, a laundromat and two retail commercial spaces

Veronica Nunez, co-owner of the old Rite Aid building at 115 Northeast Front Street in Milford, hopes to create the same type of structure they recently completed in Georgetown, replicating the process in downtown Milford. With the unanimous approval of the city council, Nunez’s company Jaasiel plans to create a mixed-use structure with shops on the lower level and ten apartments on the upper level.

“This mixed use will include three commercial spaces on the lower level,” said Rob Pierce, planner. “They are also planning ten apartments upstairs. The Planning Commission approved the request with a 3 to 1 vote with one abstaining member. The only dissenting vote was due to parking issues.

Nunez, who already has a laundromat in Milford, plans to open a second laundromat on the first floor of the old pharmacy. In addition, there will be two additional commercial spaces available for rent. It is planned to raise the roof of the building in order to access ten apartments on the second floor. Five of the apartments will be one bedroom and the other five will be two bedroom units. Nunez said they intended to keep the exterior of the building consistent with the historic nature of the downtown area, explaining that they had done the same in Georgetown.

“They would need to make the building accessible to people with disabilities,” said Pierce. “They plan to raise the first floor somewhat to deal with occasional flooding in the area. They also hope that by raising the first floor it will protect it a bit as the building has been hit by vehicles on several occasions. “

City Councilor Mike Boyle has expressed some concerns about the project.

“I’m not sure a laundromat is what we want in this area, but that’s not the biggest issue,” said Councilor Boyle. “This is the third request for apartments in the city center and all indicated that there is public parking nearby. These are a number of apartments that will use public parking. I don’t know what impact this will have on our businesses. “

City Councilor Todd Culotta stressed that this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for tenants who rent this type of apartment.

“Although there are always parking problems when it comes to apartments, the city center becomes a livable and pedestrian space,” said city councilor Culotta. “I can see in this setup that these apartments have a smaller footprint, so let’s not assume that everyone who lives there will have a car. I congratulate Mrs Nunez for taking this one. The improvements are going to be a heavy burden. This building has been empty for two years now, so it’s a better option. If a laundromat is what Milford needs in a business case, this is it.

City Councilor Andy Fulton stressed that not everyone needs a large house and this type of apartment unit would be very appealing to young people. City Councilor Jason James said improvements to this downtown building were welcome and that with several shopping centers nearby, parking could easily be alleviated.

“The way we live is changing,” said City Councilor Katrina Wilson. “This is why there is more public transport available in Milford today. It supports the way life changes and can only be a benefit for people looking to live downtown where they can walk to most of what they need.

The request was approved unanimously.

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