The Credither is Europe’s largest direct bank. With the installment loan Credither the bank offers an instant loan for free use with fair conditions. If desired, the installment credit of Credither can also be used to reschedule existing loans.

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Applying for the loan

The installment loan can be requested online via our website. After completing the relevant form, the customer immediately receives a commitment as to whether the loan can be granted. Simply print out the loan agreement and send it by post to Credither with the required documents. New customers will receive a form for the Postident procedure by post after a successful credit check. With this the identity of the borrower is checked by an employee of the post office and confirmed to the Credither. Thereafter, the loan amount is paid to the aforementioned account. For existing customers a Postident procedure is required, these receive the loan amount directly after the credit check.

Terms of the installment loan of Credither

Terms of the installment loan of Credither

The loan is offered for loan amounts of 5,000 to 50,000 USD. For repayment, the borrower can choose between flexible maturities of 12 – 84 months, which makes it easy to adjust the monthly exposure to your own financial resources. The Credither offers a favorable annual percentage rate of 5.95 percent which is offered regardless of the chosen term and the loan amount. The installment loan of Credither contains no further hidden costs, even residual debt insurance must not be completed. All customers with a loan commitment receive the same interest rate regardless of their credit rating. During the term you can make free special repayments at any time, even an increase in the amount is no problem if the credit rating is available.

Requirements for the installment loan of Credither

As a private customer bank, Credither offers its installment loan for all private persons over 18 years of age resident in Germany. The borrower must also have a regular income and a good credit rating. In addition, the installment loan can also be applied for by freelancers if regular income is available. Married borrowers can apply for the loan together with their spouse.